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Review the presentation slides.


April 1, 2020 was National Census Day! What better way to celebrate the day than encouraging people to fill out their census. People across the country are keeping their families and communities safe and healthy by providing essential services and following social distancing by staying home. Responding to the census yourself -- online, by phone, or through the mail -- is another way to do your part and help your community!

That’s why the Census Counts campaign with State Voices has created the #CensusChallenge. An opportunity to highlight why the census is so important and who you can COUNT on not only for the census but during these shifting times.

Download Census Challenge details.

Here is how you can participate:


  1. Post a selfie or short video with who you can count on on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

  2. Share a quick blurb of why the census matters to you!

  3. Make sure to include the website where you can fill out your census:

  4. Tag 3 friends to share who they can count on and why the census matters to them.

  5. Go to to sign up to encourage community members to fill out their census by participating in remote phone and text banks! 

Hashtag: #CensusChallenge

Who to tag: 

Twitter: @censuscounts; @state_voices

Instagram: @civilrightsorg

Facebook: @statevoices

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